Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh what a great day. So I woke up and got to cuddle with my sweetie for a long time because it was Saturday : ) He wished me happy birthday( I kept forgetting because the baby was coming!) and then I got ready for my baby shower. It was fabulous! The decorations were so cute, the food was yummy and we played games! I love playing games. One of the games was a memory game and I even got one right : ) So here is a picture of all of Jack's gifts. Thank you everyone, and especially to my wonderful ward friends and family who prepared the shower. It was perfect :)
During the shower, I had a "special delivery". It was from Jared. A birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Mommy" and my favorite flowers- Gerber daises. He is the best and knows me so well. Thank you lover boy! I love you so much!

I love this picture. Jared is such an amazing husband. He wanted to make sure I had a special birthday and it definitely was. He even cooked for me later that night! That was a great surprise. And after the shower he let me take a nap : ) When I woke up....

He put together the stroller!!!
Such a handy man- Thank you!
My sweetheart. After my great nap - we went golfing. Unfortunately I wasn't that good. He was too nice to tell me that though- but I knew it after swinging 5 times at a little white ball that just didn't seem to want to move! I had a good time watching Jared!

What a handsome golfer!

Jared tried to teach me how to golf- it might have worked, but I wouldn't recommend it being 39 weeks pregnant!


  1. How cute you went golfing! You are seriously so beautiful even when pregnant. I'm excited that your little baby is here now! Thanks for sending all of those pics! I can't wait to see you guys. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad your wonderful husband helped make sure you had a special day.

  2. I'm ready for more pictures of you and Jack!!! So will you be going to Mesa for Christmas?

  3. Long time no talk! I keep meaning to call you. I absolutely LOVED your Christmas card! Thanks for sending one and thinking of us! I hope we get to see you soon :)