Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh what a great day. So I woke up and got to cuddle with my sweetie for a long time because it was Saturday : ) He wished me happy birthday( I kept forgetting because the baby was coming!) and then I got ready for my baby shower. It was fabulous! The decorations were so cute, the food was yummy and we played games! I love playing games. One of the games was a memory game and I even got one right : ) So here is a picture of all of Jack's gifts. Thank you everyone, and especially to my wonderful ward friends and family who prepared the shower. It was perfect :)
During the shower, I had a "special delivery". It was from Jared. A birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Mommy" and my favorite flowers- Gerber daises. He is the best and knows me so well. Thank you lover boy! I love you so much!

I love this picture. Jared is such an amazing husband. He wanted to make sure I had a special birthday and it definitely was. He even cooked for me later that night! That was a great surprise. And after the shower he let me take a nap : ) When I woke up....

He put together the stroller!!!
Such a handy man- Thank you!
My sweetheart. After my great nap - we went golfing. Unfortunately I wasn't that good. He was too nice to tell me that though- but I knew it after swinging 5 times at a little white ball that just didn't seem to want to move! I had a good time watching Jared!

What a handsome golfer!

Jared tried to teach me how to golf- it might have worked, but I wouldn't recommend it being 39 weeks pregnant!
Here are some pics of Jared and I getting the nursery all ready, and the nursery too! It's not quite finished, but I thought I better post pics so my family will stop hassling me : )

His crib and rocking chair- thanks mom and dad for the cutest crib set and most COMFY chair in the WORLD!

I love his little airplane mobile : )

Wall art painted by Jack's mommy : ) I loved painting these because I got so anxious the last few weeks and painting was a good distraction!

I was doing Jack's laundry and I pulled out all his clothes to put in the dryer. When I looked back in the washer to make sure I got everything, I saw all these little socks! I thought it was so cute : )
Me putting together his storage bins
Jared taking the tags off of all his clothes- such a good daddy and husband!
BABY JACK IS HERE!!! Before I tell about that experience, I need to post a few pictures- then I can get to the good stuff : )

Week 39- This was also the day of my fabulous baby shower and birthday!
Week 38- Ill miss my little table!
September 3rd....or week 37- it's all the same towards the end right???