Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Growing belly

August 3rd- It's incredible that I only have 2 more months left! This has gone by so fast- which is good and bad. I can't wait to meet my sweet little boy, and then I have days where I am a nervous wreck and think- "What have we done?!" But ready or not, here he comes!

July 3rd- I can't wait until the summer months are over! Next time I am going to be pregnant during the winter months to avoid the constant heat wave.

Here is the most recent picture. It was taken on June 3rd. Only 4 more months till October 3rd! Oh and I was trying to think of what face I wanted to make and Jared snapped the photo so he said it was my "thinking face" : ) 20 weeks- halfway!
May 3rd- 5 more months!

April 3rd- 6 more months!