Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 30th!!!

A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!! I can't wait to meet the little guy. We are so excited. In fact I think Jared is more excited than I am. He asks me AT LEAST 10 times a day if the baby is coming on that particular day. Or he will kneel down close to my stomach and say, "Baby! When are you coming out?!" He is like a little kid. It is so dang cute. Last night before we went to bed, he was talking to him and said, "Kick once if you are coming out tonight." Nothing happened. He then proceeded to do this for every day of the week and the baby never kicked. Usually he is super active at night, so we thought he would kick sometime. But the baby is not even going to give us the slightest hint! So secretive. I think he is having too good of a time being with his grandma Emma Lou, Grandpa Jack and siblings. He is just not ready yet : )

I am a lot more nervous. The birthing videos they show in baby classes=worst idea ever. The ladies look awful, they don't smile at all, and they make funny grunting noises.....I hope I am not like that.

Sorry there are no pics yet of the last month being pregnant,nursery, etc. I'll get those soon. I forget about my blog because it has been forever until Betsy said this morning that I needed to get pics on there. Thanks for the reminder : )

In the meantime, there is a great deal going on if anyone is looking to buy an Udder Cover for themselves or to have lying around as a baby shower gift. Go to www.uddercovers.com, click on "shop now", select your fabric (there are only 6 options but they are really cute) and enter promo code "chatter". They are originally $32.00 but with the promo they are FREE!!!! You have to pay for shipping though which is $8.95. Not bad for a really cute cover. I don't know how long it is going on so hurry if you want one and spread the good news : )

Thank you everyone for your love and support. We are blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Hope everyone is doing well. The next time I write, we just might have a new addition to the family!