Friday, October 9, 2009

Here are some pics of Jared and I getting the nursery all ready, and the nursery too! It's not quite finished, but I thought I better post pics so my family will stop hassling me : )

His crib and rocking chair- thanks mom and dad for the cutest crib set and most COMFY chair in the WORLD!

I love his little airplane mobile : )

Wall art painted by Jack's mommy : ) I loved painting these because I got so anxious the last few weeks and painting was a good distraction!

I was doing Jack's laundry and I pulled out all his clothes to put in the dryer. When I looked back in the washer to make sure I got everything, I saw all these little socks! I thought it was so cute : )
Me putting together his storage bins
Jared taking the tags off of all his clothes- such a good daddy and husband!


  1. I can't believe your a mommy! you're a beautiful mommy too. loved your email with pics of little jack. take care new mommy!

  2. Scuse me miss....its time for an update!!!!